Rally     Sponsored by:

LOCATION: Starts at Host Hotel

Designed as a fun event the Rally has no speed or timing components but it will be difficult enough to be challenging and yet safe enough to not create to many team conflicts.

The rally begins and ends at the hotel parking lot and it is planned to include a picnic lunch. You will be back in plenty of time to attend the Awards Banquet that night.

The route will take the participants through the beautiful Fraser Valley and surrounding hills is a pleasant yet challenging route.

There will be questions to be answered throughout the Rally, and who knows maybe a trick question or two just to make it interesting.

The Participants just have to bring a pencil or pen and maybe a clipboard. Oh yea, a sharp pair of eyes will help.

Here are the answers to the MMW 2015 Ralley.
Most are self explaining but I have explained the more “sadistic” ones.
No one got all the answers but every question was answered correctly by someone

Marshall _____Lonzo__________________Creek

What sort of building supplies are Royal? _________Flex-Loc Pipe___________

How big is a dream Lot?____________________5,800 – 13,000 Sq Ft_________

How do you contact the Community Hall ? ____straitoncommunityclub.com___

Where did you get your meat in Clayburn _____Bullock's Butcher Shop_(found on the historical map in the parking lot)

What Guards 34465 Hallert Rd ? _______Safeguard Security________________

What is the name of the Hotel ? ________Nimpkish Hotel___________________

When was Van Belle Nursery established?_____1973_______________________

Who owns the fenced property on your right? MND or Ministry of National Defence

Name the wheeled farm equipment at 6170 Beharrell Rd

_______Wheelbarrow, Rototiller, Manure Spreader and 2 Harrows____________

____________________________4 POINTS_____________________________

Where do you listen for the true path to God?_________550AM__(found on the sign the rest of which was in Korean)

Where do kids shelter? ___________________34687 Page Rd_______________

At what address did a logger become a carpenter ?_____7650 _(Fence posts were small trees)_______________

At what address did a duck land on a “pond” ? ________7693 __(pond was blue roof)_____________

Bee _____________cause Signs Work _____(on Bench)___________________

We are on the edge of _____________Suburbia ___________________________

What is complex? _______ District of Mission Public Works ________________

What is another name for the Mission Institution?___Établissement de Mission

What colour is the barn bird house? ___________Red____________________

What do u cut?_________Ferndale Firs or Xmas Trees______________________

What's on duty? ____________Guard Dogs_____________________________

Lily Ponds ___________________.net or Canada__________________________

How Many Yellow Wheels? ______6 1 in Tree________________________

What colour roof does Deanna dislike the most? ______Blue________________

______________Hatzic Prarie__________________________ Community Hall

Where do you get more information _______actionplan.gc.ca_______________

______________________Jones__________________________________ 9775

Bridge Load Limit ___Between 48,000 and 53,000 lbs Not Kgs_________lbs

How many Green Houses? _______23_________________________________

What papers do they get at 9267 _____Vancouver Sun ______________________

What's wrong with the mixer at 9267? ______ No Motor____________________

How many Letter Boxes are there? ____64 16x4 Not counting Parcel boxes_

Be _______________Bear___________________________________ Aware

What Kind of Plants? _______All Kind (no S) or All_____________________

Which Way? ________________Subway________________________________

What Time is it at James Auto Tires? ____6:30___________________________

How much is the lowest price for an Oil Change? _____$29 $30____________

Mission _______Raceway_______________________________________ Park

What's behind you? ________Pole__((found on sign just above the answer to the next question)

How long are repairs guaranteed? _____One Full Year______________________

What is present at the Matsqui Stables? ______Horses____(on sign)_________

What is another name for Sasquatch ?______Bigfoot__(on trailer)____________

What lies between the King and Queen? _Park or School orPlayground________

Matsqui First Nation “__________Easy Traveling ______________________“

How do you get to the Matsqui Cemetery? ____Straight and take a right_______

How many rows of rhubarb? ______________15_________________________

What is Mount Leaman Celebrating? _____Our Heritage___________________

What is Ginger Snips? __________Hair Studio__________________________

Across from Taylor Insurance how many numbered Letter Boxes? 47 16x3-1 (one mailbox had the number removed)

How much for free range brown eggs? _____$3.50_______________________

What is under the tree where the rooster lives? ___Moke, Car_______________

What is the colour of the gate at 6585? _______Black______________________

Where does your mail burn?___6763 and 6790 and 6787___ 3 POINTS_(flames on mailboxes)______

Where are the people nuts for planters? ___7014__________________________

How many Maple Leaves at Maple Leaf Farms? _______2__________________

Whats at 7000? _Hen or Rooster with 2 chicks Must have 2 chicks ________

What's installed? ___________Power Poles_______________________________

What's xing? ______________Whippet__________________________________

Nathan ____Creek or Ave or Place_____________________________________?

Where are you now? ____Township of Langley__________________________


What sport do they play at Specialty Steels? ___Basketball__(basketball hoop in parking lot)_

What isn't this road? ______Not a truck Route____________________________

Custom Homes, Additions ______Shops________________________________?

Fill up with __________Coke or Premium or Super Shell_________________?

What's in Nathan Creek? ___Salmon____________________________________

How many times have you crossed Nathan Creek so far ? _____3_____________

Who is Tall? __________Deanna______________________________________

57a Stop at the Bradner Hall and count the Inukshuks, between Hall and Church then continue down Bradner Rd ________63__(a number were very small)

How many tires around the pole? ____7__(6 painted tires and 1 not painted)____

What road did you go under? ____________Hwy 1________________________

What gas goes under the road? _______High Pressure______________________

What's the colour of your key? _________Gold_______( Sign)___

How many teeth on the barn? __________10______________________________

What can you get at the Junction? ___Frozen Blueberries___________________

How far to the off-leash area? ________200 M__________________________

What's in Season? ____________Farms__________________________________

What is being proposed by RO100080? __18 Hole golf course & Clubhouse_____

Where are we? _____0 Ave/Can-US Border______________________________

What do you keep pure?___Ground Water________________________________

Where do Elk calves go? ____Camp Elkgrove____________________________

What is the name of the parallel road in the US? _E Boundary________________

What is the number of the last border post you see? _______26_______________

Who recognizes the Fraser Valley Packers? ______HACCP__________________

Who protects the Fraser Valley Packers? __Lion___(under sign)_____________

______Albert Dyke____________________________________ Memorial Park

British ____Columbia_______________________________________________

How many goats at the Goatel 6? ____Any reasonable number_______________

___________Marshall_________________________________________ Creek

Where do deer live? __1390 and 1395____2 POINTS__(John Deere sticker on two mailboxes)

What's just ahead? ___5 Maples Nursery and Garden Center_________________

How much for 100% Organic Free Range Eggs?___$3.50 Dozen_____________

What is between a windmill and a lighthouse? _Castle Fun Park or Doll's House_

Good, but mostly incorrect answers to the Mini Meet West 2015 Rally

Bridge Load Limit in lbs Correct answer Anywhere between 48,000 and 53,000 lbs

Best answer 52,910.942 lbs (used a converter)
Good Try answer 24,000 Kg convert please
2nd Worst answer 11,143.12 lbs (used a converter, incorrectly)
Worst Answer 10,909.0909 lbs (used a different converter, incorrectly)

What's behind you? Correct answer a pole (on sign on building)

White Mini
Mt Baker
Trick Question “ no answers will be behind you”
A Train
The highway overpass
On ramp to Bridge
Fraser River
Highway 11
The Back seat (only a guess though, because we are not supposed to look backwards
Train Tracks and overpass
Cell Tower
Matsqui Bridge
RR Crossing
1st Rule of Italian Driving, What's behind you doesn't matter

How long are repairs guaranteed? Correct answer One Full Year

Till the check clears

What is another name for Sasquatch? Correct answer Bigfoot (Bigfoot Trailer)

Bigfoot, Yeti. Yowie, Abominable Snowman, Windigo, Florida Skunkape, Mapinguary, Maricoxi, Yeren, Almas, Menteh, Chimiset, Chughunaa, Higabon,
Nguoirung, Orang Pendek. (some knows their Sasquatch)

How many goats at the Goatel 6? Correct answer Any reasonably number

4 (talked to nice girl at farm)
5 (used to be 4)
One live Goat; 2 metal cutouts on sign
1 Goat, 2 Llamas and 1 pony
None – 1 Llama
4 that were visible
1 Live one visible
Undetermined as some had checked out, saw one goat, 2 llamas & 1 turkey
We saw 6

Comment heard at the end

Whoever designed the course was brilliant and whoever asked the questions was sadistic.

Written comment

It was a lot of hot and sweaty FUN & our clutch is working better now