Agassiz Speedway
5045 Cemetery Rd, Agassiz, BC

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Signage on the Lougheed Hwy. 7 for the Agassiz Speedway could be better but there are small signs immediately ahead of Cameron Road. Take Cameron Road north off the Lougheed Hwy. and bear left from the stop sign at the north end, then bear right uphill onto Cemetery Road. The Speedway is on the left hand/uphill side of Cemetery Road. Note there is a short section of gravel at the north end of Cameron Road.

To avoid the gravel section on Cameron Road, take Hwy. 9 north from Hwy. 7 towards Harrison Hot Springs, turn left/west on McCallum Road, bear right at Cameron Road intersection and bear right uphill onto Cemetery Road. Hwy. 9 is also the route from Hwy. 1 in Rosedale on the south side of the Fraser River. Hwy. 9 joins Hwy. 7 briefly in Agassiz before separating towards Harrison Hot Springs.

Jam Mini-ing in the Valley

A Funkhana is a low speed driven light hearted event with multiple activities associated with the drive around a predefined course, testing the driving skills as well as dexterity of the team. The team of driver and co-pilot will be expected to get in and out of the Mini at various stops along the course and perform fun and challenging activities as quickly and as accurately as possible. There are no official rules, other than what we make up for the event, but in general the event is good-natured, low-speed, safe and not hard on the cars.

This Funkhana will be both challenging and fun for all ages.  Both the driver and co-pilot will be expected to be nimble in mind, and especially spirit.  In this event, your score time will consist of the run time plus any penalties accrued along the way. If you do not adhere to the rules as announced at the event, it will cost you twice your recorded time.  Average time will be between two and three minutes.  So relax, be safe and have fun.  Looking forward to seeing you there, sharing the fun.  For those that recall or are still in therapy as a result of the MMW2010 Penticton Event, take heart for it will be a new set of challenges and fun obstacles.  Remember, the Driver must be registered as a participant and the Navigator has only to be a registered enthusiast.  Donít think for a moment that the open vehicles or those without seatbelts will have an advantage, all are equal in FUNKHANA.